Entrepreneurship as an act of radical self-care
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Entrepreneurship as an act of radical self-care

Faith Clarke is an intuitive strategist and new venture specialist, author, academic nerd, design thinker and outlander junkie. She helps disruptive, eclectic business infuse their core DNA into their team so that they can catalyze social change from the inside out. She especially loves to do this with special needs family-run businesses who create space for people with special needs.

Faith is also the author of Parenting Like a Ninja, an autism mom’s guide to professional productivity which is an Amazon bestseller and reflects her own journey with the crazy chaos of special needs parenting, and the need to harness energy and be productive. She believes entrepreneurship is a perfect, mental and psychological health choice for many special needs parents, and offers the opportunity to do business differently while creating more of what our communities need. She is also the host of Disrupt and LEAD, a podcast showcasing courageous entrepreneurs with complex family lives who navigate daily chaos and create more of the change they want to see in the world.

She is currently helping her younger 2 children (Simonne, 18, Zachary, 15) with their first project: Inspiraction, a creative art company that offers illustrations and stories in art that inspire. In addition, her son Jaedon, 20, with non-verbal autism, wants to write a book about his experience with anxiety.

Show Notes

Faith Clarke's perspective on entrepreneurship and her journey with her children and business (05:18)
Creating a business that allows you to feel happier and escape from the grip of panic and anxiety (11:20)
Why following what's good for you can be financially good for you (18:30)
What questions to ask yourself when deciding what kind of business to start (26:45)
Is it possible to find joy in your business that already exists, or do you need to start fresh? (32:12)
Where to find Faith Clarke to learn more! (36:55)

Resources -

Melody of Autism - https://melodyofautism.com/

Parenting Like a Ninja - Faith Clarke (Amazon) - https://amzn.to/37s4c34

My Child Will Thrive Website Podcast Link: https://www.mychildwillthrive.com/ entrepreneurship-radical-self-care

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