Top 10 Questions Parents Google All the Time
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Top 10 Questions Parents Google All the Time

top-10-questions-parents-google-all-the-timeWhat should we do about lice? Why does my child keep getting strep? Why does my child hate me?

What should we do about lice? Why does my child keep getting strep? Why does my child hate me? As a parent, you've probably run to the computer with questions like these.

Well, you're not alone, they are just some of the Top 10 Questions Parents Google All the Time.

Dr. David Hill wrote an article on these common questions for Parents Magazine and joins us to discuss! So it's ok, step away from the phone or laptop. As a pediatrician and a dad of five, he has got answers you can trust.

Dr. Hill currently works as a hospitalist pediatrician for Goldsboro Pediatrics in Wayne County, NC. He admits and cares for newborns and pediatric inpatients, including stabilizing critically ill children and consulting in the emergency department. Dr. Hill is also the co-host of the AAP’s flagship podcast, Pediatrics on Call.

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