Build Holistic Brand Awareness Through Content Creation with John Morris, Executive Director of Brand at Club Colors
In the Club by Club Colors · 33 minutes ·

Build Holistic Brand Awareness Through Content Creation with John Morris, Executive Director of Brand at Club Colors

This episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors features your host, John Morris. To take brand awareness further, you have to nail the basics first, starting with your core values. John shares what drives their team and how culture starts from the top down. 

He discusses content creation and the scary notion of personal brands and why you should encourage this to employees. John also suggests documenting your culture in action, showcasing thought leadership, and using podcasting not just as a platform for Club Colors, but also for all the guests to showcase their own brands.   



  • The 6 core values of Club Colors
  • Create a content calendar and encourage personal brands
  • Talk about your wins but also your struggles
  • Live out your business journey and document it 



John: "You have to create content that is maybe done weeks in advance, is planned for, and is consistent with what the initiatives of the organization are. Are you trying to recruit? Are you trying to hire? Are you trying to retain? Are you trying to drive productivity? Are you trying to create a message to the marketplace that you're on the rise?"

John: "We are all people businesses, and humans run people businesses. Humans steward organizations. And businesses are not about the logo. They're about the people that steward that brand, that provide that service to build that product, to deliver results for clients. It's people working with people."

John: "Your products and services will get their time to shine. But let's put your culture and your people out front to deliver that message. Let's make the people that represent your brand feel like a million bucks. And then guess what they'll do? They'll showcase their journey at your brand and how they steward your brand and that will intrigue poeple enough to dig into your products or services."


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