Erase the Stigma of Coffee Versus Tea with Dan and Patrick of Tiesta Tea
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Erase the Stigma of Coffee Versus Tea with Dan and Patrick of Tiesta Tea

This episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors features Dan Klein and Patrick Tannous, Founders of Tiesta Tea. They share their unique relationship as lifelong friends turned co-founders and the genesis of Tiesta Tea. They recall the grind they went through to build a brand that resonates across generations. Through the highs and lows, Tiesta Tea remained true to its core identity and didn’t compromise in offering the best that tea can be in both flavor and function.



  • Learning about tea and the functional beverage category in Prague
  • Brand challenges and knowing who your ideal customer is
  • Brand story and creating a culture around tea
  • A goal to erase the stigma of coffee versus tea



Creating a functional beverage that appeals across generations Dan: Primarily, there's 5 things that tea can do that each tea can fall under. There's energy, so we call that Energizer. There's teas that'll help you lose weight, Slenderizer. There's teas that boost your immune system, Immunity. There's teas that help you with high levels of antioxidants, we call that Eternity. And then there's teas that help you relax, and we call those Relaxers."

Getting direction and focus on doing only what Tiesta Tea is best at Dan "Loose lease tea is exactly who we are and that's where we're best at and that's what we have been best at. It doesn't mean that we're not innovating, it just means that we're focusing on a certain area of the market that we know we're best at."

A goal to erase the negative stigma around tea Patrick: "I want to erase the stigma. I hate when people say I'm not a tea drinker. One of the goals is when you try the watermelon tea, you can't say you don't like it. If you don't like it, you don't like fruity... In five years I would hope that, with the expanded distribution and education, that we can get past that stigma of either I'm either a tea drinker or not. That would be mission accomplished."


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