Ignite Your Brand Impressions with John Lincoln
In the Club by Club Colors · 53 minutes ·

Ignite Your Brand Impressions with John Lincoln

This episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors features John Lincoln, Founder and CEO of Ignite Visibility, an Inc 5000 company, and author of The Forecaster Method and Digital Influencer.

John starts by sharing about his company's culture of innovation and how they cut through the noise with thought leadership and social selling. He talks about the changing trends in digital marketing and the dominance of short-form video across all platforms.

He also discusses how they utilize social selling and how a customer-first mindset drives business. In his upcoming book, he empowers new digital marketers and entrepreneurs with the tools to navigate digital marketing and even its legalities so you can avoid them too.



  • Ignite Visibility: The customer's success is your success
  • The changing digital advertising landscape
  • Digital marketing now: LinkedIn, YouTube, and Tiktok
  • John's upcoming book: Self-improvement in digital marketing
  • Sales and marketing are beginning to merge 



John: "Some of the main ways we attract clients is by writing books, by doing industry studies, by contributing thought leadership, just by being on the cutting edge and just loving what we do and going the extra mile for all of our clients."

John: "We kind of developed this culture of we love to be experts, we love being digital savvy, so every week, people in the company are learning together and it's just a lot of fun to have that energy going. And we put a lot of money into testing and into research and development."

John: "If you're posting consistently on your topic, engaging with other people, and you are doing things that are interesting, it will, for sure, lead to new business for you."

John: "For the best YouTube channels, for the highest engagement, people, they don't leave, basically, we're seeing that these videos have an edit every 2 seconds."


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