Listen for Relationship Signals to Prospect Smartly with Jamie Shanks
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Listen for Relationship Signals to Prospect Smartly with Jamie Shanks

This episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors features Jamie Shanks, CEO at Pipeline Signals and Sales for Life, as well as the author of Social Selling Mastery and SPEAR Selling. Jamie coined the term "social selling" and he explains how to listen to relationship signals which allow you to prospect better.

He talks about the process of reverse-engineering your customers to find out who else is most ready to buy and prioritize them. Jamie also addresses account managers and urges them to use video, take stories from the road, and have monthly feedback loops with clients.



  • Account selection and prioritization are sellers' biggest time vampires
  • Tune into relationship signals to prioritize prospects smartly
  • Account managers: Reverse-engineer customers and use video
  • Take stories from the road and perform monthly feedback loops



Seller classification as A, B, and C players - Jamie: "They (Gartner) classified sellers as A players, B players, and C players. And the mathematics was 20% of the sellers are A players, they can do almost anything and they'll be successful. And then you have a cohort of above 50% of the market which are B players. They are a series of on and off changes."

"And then you have the C players who are just grasping at straws. The problem is that the B players are not willing to put in the time, money, and energy to either self-educate or be educated properly."

Use video because it offers 3 advantages over the written word - Jamie: I would highly recommend that they look at video because it offers 3 things that the written word can't. Number 1, it allows you to humanize yourself. People buy from people. 

So you've got to understand that somebody's 10 times more likely to like you if they knew who you were, in a way. Number 2 is it allows you to tell stories in a really condensed way. In case of synthesis, a complex piece of information and tell in a 1-minute story. And then the third is tracking buy intent."


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