Make Smarter Bets When AI Meets Horse Racing with Scotty McKeever
In the Club by Club Colors · 66 minutes ·

Make Smarter Bets When AI Meets Horse Racing with Scotty McKeever

In this episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors, John features Scotty McKeever, Creator of EquinEdge, along with Club Colors' own Co-CEO Cris Tase. The tradition of horse racing gets a digital upgrade with EquinEdge. 

Scotty shares the metrics that his tool displays and how it helps the user see patterns for more informed betting. He discusses how EquinEdge's AI technology is a great tool for horse racing handicappers, regardless if you are new to the sport or not. 



  • EquinEdge: Pick 6 betting and handicapping
  • Win the race: A subjective read based on actual metrics
  • Scotty's derby pick: White Abarrio
  • EquinEdge as a guide for newbies to the sport
  • Cris’s horse picks


Scotty: "We've got breeding metrics. We've got strength of race metrics. We've got pace metrics, win percentages. We've got an EquinEdge morning line that's incredible. And they're all on one page." 

Scotty: "That's the entire point is they'll learn and they'll go, 'I can do that.' If a poker player or a sports better is looking at that, they go, 'you know, that's pretty dope. I can do that.'"

Scotty: "I think the handicapping materials like we're doing now, algorithms and metrics and things like that, that's the way of the future. More modernization as well. The community is a huge part of this entire thing."

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