Mindset Guidance from a Self-Taught Salesman with Troy Barter
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Mindset Guidance from a Self-Taught Salesman with Troy Barter

This episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors features Troy Barter, Vice President of Sales at RentalMatics. While some would keep the secret sauce to sales a secret, Troy goes on social media to share what helped his success as a self-taught salesman.

He shares that old-school sales still works and how he cultivated his personal brand without compromising his values. He talks about discovering Tiktok and using it as a platform to educate others on less theoretical and more practical advice to crush sales goals.



  • Presentation and ease of use convince buyers to buy   
  • Content creation: Giving guidance not the gospel
  • Helping others with sales lessons on social media
  • Writing a book to share the mindset of sales success
  • The secret is to start and don’t stop



Troy: "The reality is when you go into a presentation if you're playing up ease of use, if you tell them that it's easy to use enough times and you show them it's easy to use enough times, when you get done, they're going to agree that it's easy to use."

Troy: "Sales is leading someone to a decision that they should have made on their own but they were either too uninformed or too much of a procrastinator a little bit to actually pull the trigger on it. That requires a little bit of take control in the sale."

Troy: "It's the ability to break down any process into step-by-step, recognizing what the impulse curve is, figuring out how to break down your game tape and make yourself better on every one of those steps and being able to close at the height of impulse. My philosophy is you build everything out for perfection. You don't build it out for failure."

Troy: "When it comes to cold calling, when it comes to prospecting, everyone wants to look at a million different pieces of advice on how to cold call, what to do. The reality is you never have to be good at it. You just have to do it more than everybody else."


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