Mandy welcomes Pan to the Common Room as she discusses how she navigated her first bi-cultural experience studying abroad in the U.S. (2:46), her professional journey from nuclear non-proliferation to energy to working at Google, (8:25) and her immediate and delayed gratification to working at Google (11:40). An injury from a significant herniated cervical disc has punctuated a time of pain in Pan’s life and made her reflect on work and what’s important to her (15:12). Pan also shares what she is reading, and talks more deeply about books that are helping her answer a lingering question of “why is it me that is suffering from this?” (19:30) Pan also talks about how she was inspired to create her own podcast 世界青年 (24:34). Finally, Pan shares how she hopes she will grow and relax in the aftermath of her injury (26:10).

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