Episode 20: Torre Lavelle
Common Room Conversations · 50 minutes ·

Episode 20: Torre Lavelle

Torre Lavelle pops into the Common Zoom and discusses how, as a native Georgian, she's developed sharp elbows as a New Yorker, why she describes herself as someone who chooses the bigger life, and how that relates to her experience as a member of the inaugural Schwarzman Scholars cohort (2:06). Next, Torre reflects on what led her to focus on climate/ecology, how that led to her current role at the Columbia Climate School, and current developments/challenges for the Climate School (11:35). Afterward, Torre discusses the role of universities and academic institutions in addressing climate change, what sucesss looks like for the Climate School, the importance of optimism, and what gives her hope in advancing solutions for climate change (26:00). Finally, Torre shares stories from her travels abroad, her love of music, and how everyone can tie climate into their everyday life (39:00).

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