The Great Divide, Episode 78
The Great Divide - The Big Country Podcast · 101 minutes ·

The Great Divide, Episode 78

Fans have been asking for new music, and in this episode, they get it, although not quite in the format they may have expected. Tom, Svein and a lurking JfnG are joined by Bruce and Jamie Watson to debut a new musical project that Bruce, Jamie and Tom have been secretly working on over the last few months. That project is WKW, and the resulting 3-song EP they're debuting on the show is called "Hands Across the Ocean." The three songs are the result of a musical collaboration between Bruce, Jamie and Tom, and they are full of heavy, anthemic guitar music in the tradition of our favorite band. We talk about how the project started, play each song, talk about each song and let you know how you can get ahold of the EP. We also discuss a video for one of the tracks that was made with the help of GoPros and green-screenery. Finally, we talk about the latest news from Big Country and The Skids. It's an episode full of laughs and some great new music.

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