<p>After a Winter Storm and Texas Froze over the Fellas got back to business. They talk about what it was like not to have water and power for days and how Texas was not ready for that type of storm. They also talked about Pat being taking advantage of by a lady friend. AC tells a story about a situation that he dealt with recently also listen for a code word to win merchandise. Enjoy this episode!<br/><br/>Fitness Apparel and Supplements<br/>FNXFitness-<a href='https://fnx.grsm.io/AC30 15% off'>https://fnx.grsm.io/AC30 15% off</a><br/>Stay Home and order your drinks because Drizly has you covered.<br/><a href='https://drizly.sjv.io/CIDFOP'>https://drizly.sjv.io/CIDFOP</a><br/><a href='https://www.instagram.com/anthron_cavanaugh/'>https://www.instagram.com/anthron_cavanaugh/</a><br/><a href='https://www.instagram.com/kingpat85/'>https://www.instagram.com/kingpat85/</a><br/><a href='https://www.instagram.com/cutitdafuckout/'>https://www.instagram.com/cutitdafuckout/</a><br/>Sounds by <a href='https://www.instagram.com/cuttamuzik/'>https://www.instagram.com/cuttamuzik/</a>  Subscribe on all platforms. We really really appreciate the support. Thank you Guys! </p>

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