0869 Daily Easy English Lesson PODCAST—lulz …lol
Daily Easy English Expression Podcast · 7 minutes ·

0869 Daily Easy English Lesson PODCAST—lulz …lol

Today's expression is great for those of us who sometimes do something WITHOUT a good reason...check it out! And have a super day^^ And a quick note to my students; PIRF VIP students did a SUPER job in 158, good luck on 159! And for the DDM VIP students--I've got a tough assignment coming for you today...next time I promise to be nice^^ Have a great day, everyone! Coach Shane   Today’s English expression and dialog: lulz …lol  Why did you pull the fire alarm? I did it for the lulz~ Right. Here’s the bill from the Fire Department. $579? Pretty funny, huh?   Subscribe on iTunes and get this English podcast EVERY DAY! Support the Let’s Master English team! On PayPal: Send to Or you can go here: PLEASE support my sponsors: (Get a free AUDIO BOOK!) Study English, FREE ENGLISH LESSONS:

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