So, how do you… use Tadelakt?
So, How Do You... · 42 minutes ·

So, how do you… use Tadelakt?

If you’ve recently seen a wall that has a beautifully stony finish or a soft and curvy  element of architecture with a real depth to it, the chances are it’s Tadelakt.

After Laura had her shower and bathroom finished in Tadelakt, it’s been a point of constant admiration which gets lots of questions so here are the answers!

To help her delve deeper, Laura speaks to: Tadelakt applicator Dan Dixon-Spain to find out exactly what it is; Michaelis Boyd architect Sara Dowle to find out where it can be used in the home and why it’s so special and finally, Sarah-Louise Marks, founder of No.17 House, who has experimented with Tadelakt all over her home.

To note, the photograph on the thumbnail for the episode is Laura’s Tadelakt Shower.

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