Jill Konrath: Agile Selling
How She Really Does It · 58 minutes ·

Jill Konrath: Agile Selling

Jill Konrath is the bestselling author of Selling to Big Companies and now, AGILE SELLING. She s full of great advice and fresh strategies on winning new customers in today s evolving sales environment.

Her expertise has by featured by ABC News, Fortune, Forbes, The New York Times, Inc. and more. Over 125,000 sellers read her award-winning blog.

The world of sales has changed profoundly. Jill will tell you how to be Agile in this new sales environment.

Create a connection so people want to talk with you.

~ Jill Konrath, on How She Really Does It


In this interview we discuss:

  • Mindset of a successful seller
  • Mentor/role models of influence
  • Inspiration
  • Transform failures into learning experiences
  • Courage
  • Steps to prepare to succeed in this new world of sales.
  • How to deal with overwhelm so you can do a great job.
  • Takeaways

It’s (selling) is a learned skill.

~ Jill Konrath, on How She Really Does It

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