Introducing Dark Valley
The Murder of Suitcase Jane Doe · 47 minutes ·

Introducing Dark Valley

We are very excited to introduce to our Crawlspace listeners a bonus episode, our new podcast series called Dark Valley! This investigative true-crime series covers America's unknown serial killer, told through the lens of their only surviving victim, Jane Boroski. 
In Episode 1, Begin At The End, we learn that Jane was seven months pregnant when she was stabbed 27 times by an unknown man. Miraculously, she survived. But, Jane later finds out she is the only survivor of a serial killer who prowled the Connecticut River Valley in the 1980s and killed at least 8 women before her. Now, she's here to speak for the dead.
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Through Alien Worlds: Dream Protocol
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Moonlight: Dream Protocol
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Badly: Serge Quadrado
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Play Vermont: Narrated by Lowell Thomas
New Hampshire State Police- Cold Case Unit at: 603.271.2663
Vermont State Police- Major Crimes Unit: 802.244.8781
Or, write to us at: [email protected]
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