What Does the Bible Say About Why the Bible?
What Does The Bible Say? · 30 minutes ·

What Does the Bible Say About Why the Bible?

In this episode, Arnie and Fred discuss why we have the Bible. Most people don't seem to believe that the Bible actually comes from God even though it says it does. We begin by looking at some passages that say the Bible is the word of God. We note that when one reads the Bible one sees that it reveals the nature of God by discussing the physical creation and the fact it provides evidence of God. We then look at passages that show that God intended to specifically reveal Himself through the written words provided by the inspired writers of it.
We end this episode by talking about the Bible revealing that mankind is a species which God uniquely created in His likeness and is not a part of the animal kingdom. Take about 30 minutes to listen in on our discussion. Have your Bible handy so you can verify what we are saying. There is a transcript provided with this Buzzsprout episode for your convenience.

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