Breaking Plateaus & Reflections on Lockdown Training | ETP#12
Eat Train Prosper · 56 minutes ·

Breaking Plateaus & Reflections on Lockdown Training | ETP#12

This week we revisit our training during last year's lockdown and the modifications we made and how it affected us physically and mentally. Our best advice for what to expect and plan for when returning to the gym after lockdown, and lastly how to approach breaking plateaus.

Topics Explored:

1. Reflecting on training during lockdown. Looking back now one year later.

2. For those who haven't yet returned to your "normal" gym. The important things to consider for when making your triumphant return to the gym.

3. Breaking plateaus. What we have found to be “best practices” when you think a plateau is occurring or has occurred. Covering both checkdowns you should make sure you're addressing inside your training as well as the "big rocks" outside of the gym.

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