Planning the Perfect Ceremony with Rev. Clint Hufft

Planning the Perfect Ceremony with Rev. Clint Hufft

Rev. Clint Hufft is the host of the Wedding MBA Podcast and has been officiating weddings for almost 30 years. He has officiated several televised weddings -- remember Trista and Ryan’s wedding from the Bachelorette, that was him! 

We are so grateful to have him on the show today as we talk about all things wedding ceremonies. He focuses on how YOU can make your ceremony perfect for you. Clint emphasizes just how important it is that your wedding day is all about you, your spouse, and sharing your love with the world. Let’s dive in! 

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  •       How to choose between personal vows and traditional “repeat after me” vows
  •       The importance of making YOUR wedding day about YOU
  •       Ways your officiant can best support you and make your day special

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