What the Church Is Missing About Younger Generations, With Jonathan Pokluda
The Covenant Eyes Podcast · 32 minutes ·

What the Church Is Missing About Younger Generations, With Jonathan Pokluda

How can we overcome the disconnect between ministry leaders and the younger generations who make up the future of the Church? That’s one of the central questions we look at in this episode as we visit with Jonathan Pokluda, Lead Pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, TX, and host of the Top 11 Christian Podcast, Becoming Something. In our conversation, we talk about what the younger generations want, what the church is missing about these generations and the unique challenges they face with sexual dysfunction and porn use.

More Information/Resources:

Website: https://jonathanpokluda.com/

Books: https://jonathanpokluda.com/books

Instagram: @jpokluda

Becoming Something Podcast

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