45: How Registered Homeschoolers Can Unschool
Stories of an Unschooling Family · 38 minutes ·

45: How Registered Homeschoolers Can Unschool

In this week's episode, 

  • I talk about how we unschool even though our children are legally required to follow the school syllabus.
  • I describe a method for recording unschooling in an impressive way
  • I share how I translate natural learning into the necessary educational language for registration purposes
  • and how I work out what the official documents such as the school syllabus actually mean
  • I discuss what we can do if a child refuses to learn something that's required by the educational authorities
  • I offer a few positives (!) of homeschool registration
  • and also some examples of how I record unschool learning experiences
I use the words 'syllabus' and 'curriculum' interchangeably and wrongly, I'm sure! (I think you'll still get the idea.) I also made a mistake about the required hours of schooling. My number was too low. I can't go back and fix up my mistakes: I had to work quickly on a borrowed computer and unfortunately I've run out of time. Sorry! If you are interested in homeschool registration resources, you'll find lots of relevant posts, videos and other podcasts on my blog, Stories of an Unschooling Family.    Music: 60's Quiz Show by Podington Bear(CC BY-NC 3.0)    

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