How Humans Fit Into the Galactic Order | Elizabeth April
Far Out With Faust (FOWF) · 70 minutes ·

How Humans Fit Into the Galactic Order | Elizabeth April

On episode 61 of the Far Out with Faust podcast, we talk to cosmic channeller and spiritual influencer  @Elizabeth April   about the relationship between humans and Extraterrestrials in our multi-dimensional universe.

We first encountered Elizabeth in an interview on  @Gaia   with our friend and podcast episode 6 guest  @Reuben Langdon . She tells us about her evolution from a child who stifled her psychic and extrasensory abilities to the moment when everything changed after her first past-life regression. Did we mention she had an abduction experience at the ripe old age of 18?

Since then, Elizabeth has been exploring all sorts of phenomena and modalities, and we talk about many of them — from crossover and near-death experiences to astral travel and telepathy. Hear what she has to say about clearing karma, and what it means to be stuck in the same vibration while just leveling up your attachments.

Don’t miss her take on plant medicine!

We’ve been saving up our questions about ET's— and since Elizabeth’s has a direct line to the Galactic Federation of Light, she’s answering them all:
What happens to our soul when we cross over?
Are humans ET hybrids?
Why were the Annunaki allowed to tamper with our DNA?
What can we do every day to manifest our ideal reality?
Are there extraterrestrials living deep inside the earth? Is Hollow Earth theory real? 
Are aliens good or evil?

…and much more. You won’t believe what Elizabeth says about the grand prophesy — the “peace treaty” that the universe ordained by creating humans.

Stay till the end to hear her message for humanity — what you can do today to set yourself free.

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