Insights & Secrets From a Life-Saving Psychic | Buddy Bolton
Far Out With Faust (FOWF) · 79 minutes ·

Insights & Secrets From a Life-Saving Psychic | Buddy Bolton

On episode 56 of the Far Out with Faust podcast, we meet up again with ESP and remote viewing expert D. Buddy Bolton to dive deeper to uncover the secrets of accessing paranormal superpowers.

Tune in to hear Buddy  @ALIEN PROTOCOLS divulge how he’s used supernatural powers like remote viewing, telekinesis (aka psychokinesis), and ESP to become one of the country’s most sought-after psychics.

Buddy discloses sordid details about some of the cases he’s worked on — including kidnapping, murder, stolen goods and guns — and the role his paranormal abilities have played in solving crimes and saving lives.

Learn about his involvement with CE5 events, locating missing persons on behalf of families and law enforcement, and his ongoing work with major government institutions. We had to censor it, but here’s a hint: the big ones with acronyms we can’t disclose. 

But it’s not all shop talk: Buddy explains to Faust how to tune into our innate intuition. Hear about how he uses simple techniques like meditation — taken to the next level — to tap into his psychic abilities.

We also dive into the “space program” — i.e. the reverse engineering projects funded by the military-industrial complex. Need proof? Just look at the Stealth Fighter and quantum physics.

Stick around while we nerd out about the interaction between our consciousness and the universe. Are we living in a simulation? Comment below!

To borrow a phrase from Buddy, get ready for a level of understanding that’s going to completely change your understanding.

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