Quantum Time Machine Reverses Aging | Dr. Todd Ovokaitys
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Quantum Time Machine Reverses Aging | Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Pioneering laser resonance technology inventor Dr. Todd Ovokaitys talks about his groundbreaking age-reversing, health-restoring Stem Cell therapies on episode 68 of the Far Out with Faust podcast.

Dr. Todd has an impeccable (and surprisingly conventional) medical resume: one of just 26 undergrads tapped for accelerated medical training at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, Chief Resident at Georgetown University Hospital, and a Fellowship in Pulmonary and Intensive Care Medicine at Georgetown.

And then something happened: Dr. Todd had a revelation about the vibrational nature of biological molecules. Hear his very personal — and decidedly unconventional — account of the kundalini awakening that would inspire his incredible journey to understanding and innovation. 

Let’s be real: It’s just not every day that you hear a highly respected, allopathically trained physician validating modalities like ancient shamanic tradition as a legitimate form of medicinal healing. 

Just wait till we get to the part about the stem cells: Who’s ready for agelessness? We’re not talking about conventional anti-aging: that’s so Newtonian. We’re talking about true age reversal of a cell: a quantum-energy-fueled regeneration and reset, without limits.

How is this possible? Dr. Todd and his colleague, physicist Scott Strachan managed to invent a laser that uses phase conjugation to produce a wave that literally travels both forwards and backwards in time. He’s the owner of several patents, with more pending.

As well as Dr. Todd explains the physics behind his technology, you don’t have to understand the process to appreciate the results. Stay tuned to hear and see some of the incredible results that Dr. Todd’s clients have been getting — from dramatic disease remission to radical biological age reversal.

Stick around to hear his stunning revelation about what this laser is actually doing to stem cells…

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