Episode 3: Take a Risk
Far-Flung Tin Can · 92 minutes ·

Episode 3: Take a Risk

Brian Lindsey is a singer/songwriter and he wrote a few of the songs on the album. He briefly talks about his process and how the songs came about.
Jeremy Caruthers is a worldclass producer, singer, songwriter, artist, and the list goes on. He produced and arranged, as well as wrote several songs on the album. He talks about the creative process for the album, a little about inspiration, and is transparent about the pressure to produce an album with such a unique, and fresh vibe.
Tobin Shoemate is the worship pastor at Redemption to the nations church. Tobin is a singer/songwriter, worship leader and creative. In this episode he walks us through how him and his wife JoJo wrote "Take a Risk". He also talks about the challenges in writing for a pop style worship album.

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