Full House: S8E1: Comet's Excellent Adventure (In Honor of National Golden Retriever Day)

Full House: S8E1: Comet's Excellent Adventure (In Honor of National Golden Retriever Day)

Hey Full House Fans and Golden Retriever Lovers,

Angela Bowen here, the host of Oh Mylanta Holy Chalupas: An Unofficial Full House Fuller House Podcast.

Today in honor of National Golden Retriever Day, I covered Full House S8E1: Comet's Excellent Adventure, which aired on September 27, 1994.

In this episode Comet, the dog, runs away. The Rippers no longer want Jesse in their band. D.J. ends a relationship with a rich boyfriend.

I really loved this episode, the new Season brings a NEW Comet or as I refer to him Comet 2.0, replacing OG Comet from Seasons 4-7.

We see Jesse being dumped by the Rippers thus leaving him to eventually start his new band Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets, where we will meet DJ's new boyfriend Viper, that is after she breaks things off with her new flame Richie Rich money bags Nelson.

I'll be honest I found Nelson boring and bland, but compared to Viper, he's a sweetheart to some degree, however neither will compare to Steve.

Joey, this final Season is rocking a lion's mane of hair that is wildly out of control, seems like the longer the hair the goofier Joey is and he is at max goof (not the character) factor in this episode.

Since Comet's new Lassie-esqe girlfriend is nameless in this episode I decided to call her Cassie the Collie (I know, I'm weird).

Also in front all of the Bay Area while telling the viewers of Wake Up San Francisco that Comet is lost, we learn Kimmy has weird tastes when it comes to what she desires in an ideal man such as a men covered in gravy. EWW!

Also Joey gives us an uncomfortable picture when he talks about his feet and Comet's nose and tongue. GROSS!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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