Magic 8-Ball: The 4 attachment styles
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Magic 8-Ball: The 4 attachment styles

All of us have either been the person who, even if they know it’s happening, can’t stop dating carbon copies of the same person over and over again; OR we’ve been the friend watching it happen, wanting to beat our head (and our friend’s head) against the wall.

And if that doesn’t resonate, maybe you’ve been the person who keeps seeking praise and validation from a boss who’s stingy with compliments, or maybe you’ve been the person who really wants to get close to people but runs away as soon as things get too vulnerable.

How you show up in relationships — romantic, platonic, professional, familial — is VERY much influenced by your attachment style.

There are 4 styles, and only one of them is healthy. And none of us have just one style (sooo … do the math — that means we’ve all got at least some unhealthy relationship patterns).

In this side chat from October 2019, we’re getting into some Psych 101 and breaking down:

  • Each of the 4 attachment styles: What they mean and where they came from.
  • Why attachment theory explains SO much about your unhealthy relationship patterns.
  • Why some people just can’t stop being codependent, while others can’t help being avoidant (and why some people are, oddly enough, both).
  • How to start breaking the cycle of your attachment style and become healthy in all of your relationships.

After you’ve listened, leave a comment to let us know what your attachment style is and how this episode is helping you think about your patterns differently!


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