Mark Villegas on Collaborative Abundance in Hip-Hop Cultures
Imagine Otherwise by Ideas on Fire · 15 minutes ·

Mark Villegas on Collaborative Abundance in Hip-Hop Cultures

Host Cathy Hannabach interviews filmmaker and hip-hop scholar Mark Villegas, who has built his career foregrounding the power of collective abundance.

Highlighting the strength, inspiration, and generosity that emerges from collaboration, Mark’s endeavors illustrate the transformations that take place when diverse ideas and cultural traditions are brought together.

In the conversation, Mark and Cathy chat about why multiracial, transnational, and cross-generational hip-hop cultures have been such a vibrant model of political and artistic abundance.

Mark explains how his new book Manifest Technique traces these genealogies as well as how Filipino American DJs and cultural producers use hip-hop to theorize transition and resist colonial legacies.

They also talk about the new communication strategies and gathering practices that Brown and Black hip-hop communities have developed during COVID-19 and discuss how they can serve as models for life beyond the pandemic.

Finally, we close out the episode with a vision for an abundant relationality, one that can shape new collaborative futures.

Transcript and show notes:

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