Whose Mans Is This?
Best Friend Weekend Podcast · 81 minutes ·

Whose Mans Is This?

Welcome to Best Friend Weekend Phase 2.22!! Aldo NICE and Rog Smuve brought it in to have some casual convo about the week that was. Rumble Williams led things off with a plea for consistency in his sandwich making (01:00) which led to us paying respect to his homeboy @bigmarcallday (06:00) and priming everyone for BFWW 2.22 (08:00). Aldo let us know what Burned His Boudin this week including wedding nuances (11:00), the concept of ‘boudain’ (22:00), and kids who don’t write the question in their notebooks (28:00). We definitely did our weekly Jussie updates (30:00) before having some interesting discussions about boycotts, fashion, and art (39:00). The back end of the podcast was dedicated to all things baby and ‘theyby’ related (47:00), Kaepernick and Kanye (59:00), and Aldo having Nothin’ NICE to Say about Swedish folks (1:12:00).

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