Ep 59- Aries Full Moon & Retrograde is "Over"
My Virgo Friend · 56 minutes ·

Ep 59- Aries Full Moon & Retrograde is "Over"

  • Last week of Libra SZN! Happy Birthday Libras & Cuspers!
  • Mercury is out of Retrograde! Yay! Now the post shadow phase… Oh boy!
  • Beware of the shifty energy this week
  • Full Moon in Aries energy …what to expect!
  • Aries Full Moon= Fire Moon…what does that mean?
  • Masculine “Be on Go!”, strike while it’s hot, spicy energy
  • Increased sexual energy of the Aries people
  • How the signs we attract teaches us lessons (i.e. Aries & Sagittarius)
  • "More Head" energy; listen to “Collide” by Howie Day
  • Moving from people centered Libra energy to self centered “Me first” Aries energy
  • Rituals for the Full Moon & how to set your intentions
  • Mentally overwhelmed? Write! Mentally stuck? Read! Move the energy.
  • Oracle reading
    • Full Moon in Libra- “A Win-Win Outcome is Forecast” (37- 39 mins)
    • Full Moon in Scorpio- “It’s Time to Release Negativity” (39- 44 mins)
    • New Moon in Sagittarius “Luck is on Your Side” and Full Moon in Gemini “The Answers You Need Are Coming” (44- 50 mins)
    • Bottom of the Deck- New Moon in Aries “Time to Take Action” & Full Moon in Aries (48- 50 mins)
  • Closing remarks
    • Meditation Meetup this weekend on Saturday 10/23 @ 7pm
    • IG: @chechebabe @myvirgofriendpodcast
    • Feature me as a guest on your podcast! Let’s collaborate!
    • If you want to submit your questions to me for advice or feedback, you’re welcome to email me at [email protected] or [email protected]

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