2021-06-09 The Watt from Pedro Show
The Watt From Pedro Show · 180 minutes ·

2021-06-09 The Watt from Pedro Show

hour one:

"spring is here" john coltrane
"mama" the dead roosters

"bbq pope" (live 1992) smock
"hesperis" jaded azurites
"electrode" the island
"blade" slw cc watt
"in such and such we place our trust" bob bucko jr
"guitar intro" headboggle
"milking the elektrik kow" bomis prendin
"unknown tongues" clang quartet
"broken soldier" blood quartet
"hallelujah holy remix with john spud wicklow murphy" deepinthewoods66
"halophrene mollis" lisa cameron & sandy ewen
"the heroin bench" galen

hour two:

"fourth of july" galen
"six months tasmania" ben salter w/watt on bass
"j is for jock itch" lucas abela
"my method acting" manuel armida
"grind the pigs" violent ramp
"green frog excerpts (original, hq, full length)" black randy and the metrosquad
"sk8 to pedro" violent ramp

"with spykes part 4" wolf eyes
"arbeiter" victoria shen
"topi" giovani al doppio gin
"bing bong" are you a cop?
"village oblivia" (demo) wolf eyes

hour three:

"shatter all organized activities (eat the rich)" aaron dilloway
"readstm" network glass
"body chaos" aaron dilloway
"crogue" peglegasus
"karaoke with cal" aaron dilloway

"the blob" aaron dilloway & lucrecia dalt
"ddcb10" thor harris & rob halverson w/bill callahan
"goin' down" body/dilloway/head

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