How To Get What You Want
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How To Get What You Want

“The mind is everything, what you think, you become.”  - Buddha

Today we’re talking about how you can get everything you want in your life by going from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mindset. Stephen Covey initially coined these terms in his best-selling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. And we’re digging into how we can let go of making fear-based decisions and instead learn how to live our juiciest life with an abundance mindset.

We’ll talk about what scarcity mindset is, how you can identify if you're living in it, and of course we’ll dive into abundance mindset, how you can adopt it, and why living in abundance will change your life for the better.

Scarcity mentality refers to people seeing life as a finite pie, so that if one person takes a big piece, that leaves less for everyone else. A scarcity mentality is what keeps many of us from achieving our goals.

Why do we think this way? Most of us have been conditioned into a scarcity mentality. Only so many students get accepted into your #1 college… one person gets the job, the promotion, etc. 

The Law of Abundance says you can have all that you want. An abundance mindset refers to the paradigm that there is plenty out there for everybody. There’s quantitative research to back this up. We’ll reference specific studies.

An important component of living from a place of abundance is a willingness to make wonderful things happen for yourself. Yes, you can “manifest” what you desire, but it’s important to note that’s different than a fairy godmother who magically grants wishes so all your dreams instantly come true.

How can we make the shift from a scarcity to an abundance mindset? Listen now to find out!

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