54. Harnessing Creativity in the Workplace with Steve Hill
Get Yourself Optimized · 67 minutes ·

54. Harnessing Creativity in the Workplace with Steve Hill

Steve Hill is the co-founder of JOLT, and the director of Mind Warriors. He is the author of JOLT Challenge: The Self Intelligence Experience. Over the past 12 years, Steve has been instrumental in the design and delivery of JOLT’s experiential training programs. His passion is for developing human potential, and he has also studied metaphor and clean language, and is a qualified NLP practitioner.



Creativity can create happiness, boost your morale, help employee relationships, and even allow your business to grow and succeed. Steve Hill began working in improv and bringing classes into corporations, and noticed that the mentality of the employees would change during their performance. Change your mindset and tap into your imaginative side to redefine your workplace and life.


We Discuss:

  • How you can build confidence through improv.
  • Creating corporate happiness through positive activities.
  • The alternative therapies that can shape your experiences.
  • Creating a routine to become more aware of your troubles.

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