INTERVIEW - The Leather Community with Jay Menick

INTERVIEW - The Leather Community with Jay Menick

An Interview Show with Mr. Providence Eagle 2017, Jay Menick. Jay gives us insight into the Leather Community, it's clubs, contests and history.

If you have never been a participant in this side of the Gay Community, this episode will give you some surprises. Enjoy!

Tomorrow, Thursday August 9th, I will release a NEW Story Episode called 'Blond Shaggy-Haired Surfer Boy - My First Crush' in which I tell you all about my summers on a lake up North as a tribute to my father. And....I describe my crush's body in vivid detail from the memory of a voyeuristic prepubescent (that's me!), and I also tell you of some future plans that my Husband Paco and I have made.

Look for that episode to be on the air tomorrow at 6:00 pm EDT.

Thanks !!!!
- Joey

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