EP2: Silke Schwarzkopf - The Second Half is Way Better
I HAVE TODAY with Diane Forster · 51 minutes ·

EP2: Silke Schwarzkopf - The Second Half is Way Better

“It's not a predetermined thing that you are going to age a certain way. You really can take control of that”


In this episode of I Have Today, Diane and Silke Schwarzkopf discuss new starts, reinvention, and the reasons why the 50s truly have the power to be the best years of our lives. Silke is a seasoned producer and entrepreneur, and the founder and host of Second Act TV, a digital channel focused on redefining life after 50 and taking charge of your physical, emotional, and sexual health. Diane and Silke share personal insights they have gained from their journey, discovering what we want our lives to be, and having the courage to step out and make it happen.


“It's not all roses and sunshine, that is for sure but, but understanding the empowerment piece... you can actually choose happiness... Each and every day you get to wake up and you get to decide how you want to live, how you want to feel.”


Three reasons why the second half of life is way better than the first.


  1. You are so much more clear about who you are and what you want.
  2. You've moved more into a level of self-acceptance where you accept your physicality.
  3. You're wiser, sexier, and more present and more intentional in your life.


“We never get time back. It's the most precious commodity we have. So I'm always encouraging anyone who is living a life where you are unhappy, do not wait for permission to step into the life that you want. You have to take the leap of faith. Yeah it's scary. Yeah, there are unknowns. Yeah, you might hit a hurdle, but you will not get this day back.”


In each episode, Diane shares a powerful meditation to help shift your thinking, and empower you to live more fully in self-acceptance, and in awareness of the power you possess. Below is the mediation from today’s episode.


I have today to love my life. Something really good is gonna happen to me today. I can feel it. Miracles big and small. I notice them all. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you. I've decided that today and every day forward, I'm going to choose to be happy. I've realized that happiness is a choice. It's a decision that I get to make every day. I get to decide in any situation, in any circumstance, how I want to feel in that moment, and I've realized that happiness is a choice and I can choose happiness above all other emotions. I can just decide not to look at the thIngs that are going wrong in my life, but instead look at what's going right in my life. If I stopped for a minute and I think in that moment as something is happening that I would normally consider to be a negative, I can turn that around and see the gift in that moment and take that opportunity to look at it with new eyes, so that's what I'm going to do. I realize that there's positive and negative in any situation. If that's the way I choose to look at it, so why not focus on the positive? Why not focus on the happiness? That's the way I'm going to look at it. I'm going to see the gifts, and the lesson, and the opportunity in every single moment of my life. I'm going to choose to be happy and not take things personally. I realized that my life is right now that whatever is going on in that moment, it's going to be in the past and it won't even matter. I'm going to choose to stop putting so much emphasis on negative things and all my energy and emphasis only on the positive. I'm going to choose to live in gratitude and appreciation and acceptance and love and happiness because here's what I know now. Things are always working out for me. They are always working out for me, God, the Universe, Spirit. Everything collectively comes from a place of love. There is no such thing as negativity. That's a decision that we as humans get to make. I am no longer affected by the outside forces or experiences from anyone else that's in my world. I get to decide to be happy in every single moment. Happiness is possible every single day. In most circumstances. The only place that it's not accepted is in the places I decide I don't want to accept it. I can't get sick enough to make sick people well. I can't get sad enough to make sad people happy. I can't get angry enough to make angry people feel at peace. The only way I can affect change is by being true to myself and by being true to myself I choose to be as happy as I can be in all the simple things that life has to offer. Because it's by being happy, and making that decision to come from a place of happiness and love that me, myself, and I. This one little person can have a profound effect on the entire world and that is the way I choose to live. I love being happy and I love seeing the effects and my happiness has on the entire world.

And so it is. Thank you. thank you. Thank you.


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