EP25: Why Giving Up Is Never An Option
I HAVE TODAY with Diane Forster · 39 minutes ·

EP25: Why Giving Up Is Never An Option

“We are born miracles, and we’re here for a reason. Each one of us has a defined purpose that’s unique, special, and different than everyone else's.”

- Diane Forster (3:28 - 3:43)

Diane Forster
I Have Today

How to persevere when you feel like you can’t keep going.


We all get overwhelmed from time to time and feel tempted to give up on our goals and dreams. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, periods of difficulty and self-doubt are inevitable. While you’ve most likely heard before that giving up is never an option, in practice, it can be challenging to stay the course.


“There are peaks and valleys - it's not how often you fall but how quickly you get up that counts.” - Diane Forster (20:49 - 20:57)


However, life consist of highs and lows, and how you react during the tough periods will ultimately determine your level of success. If you have a dream that you’re pursuing, know that it is already vibrationally done in the universe, and your only job is to allow for it to show up in your life. Recognize that struggles are a natural part of the journey, and pressing forward is your only option.


Three reasons why giving up is never an option.


The next time you feel like you’ve hit rock-bottom and there’s no way that you can carry on, remember these three reasons why giving up is just not an option.

Your strength lies in your struggles. You won’t find out how high you can rise until you discover how low you can go. Through your battles, you’ll find your inner strength and what you’re really made of. You’ll be able to use your strength to rise above your circumstances, and your new perspective will allow you to help others that might be going through similar challenges. One of the most significant gifts we get from our struggles is the empathy we gain for others.

Remember the Law of Polarity. The Law of Polarity states that as difficult as something might be on one end of the spectrum, the reward is equally extraordinary on the other end. When you feel like there’s no way out, or that it’s time to give up, remind yourself that you’re on the brink of amazing accomplishments. Just like an arrow shot from a bow, the higher the pressure you’re under, the bigger the heights you’ll reach.

Magic and miracles are waiting for you. When you have a breakdown, that’s the only time you can experience a breakthrough. When you feel disconnected, and it’s painful and scary, those emotions are caused by how your ego sees you. Your higher self recognizes you as the conquerer that you really are, and magic and miracles are waiting for you as soon you get through the turmoil.

“This is no dress rehearsal, and life has an expiration date. So follow your heart and live with passion.” - Tanya Targett (29:17 - 29:23)


No matter how challenging it can be to carry on at times, giving up is never an option. You're not defined by your struggles, but rather by how you respond to them. By pushing through and persisting, you’ll write your own success story that you can then use to inspire and help others going through difficult times.

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