EP3: Todd Creager - How to Divorce-Proof Your Life
I HAVE TODAY with Diane Forster · 41 minutes ·

EP3: Todd Creager - How to Divorce-Proof Your Life

"It takes one to make a marriage. What I mean by that is each person has to take responsibility for making changes.”

This week on I HAVE TODAY with Diane Forster, we’re talking with Todd Creager, Marriage and Sex Therapist, and an expert in divorce-proofing your marriage. With the current rate of divorce for first marriages falling somewhere between 50-75%, this is such a prevalent topic. I know personally what it’s like to live in a marriage that is falling apart behind closed doors, and I know that I’m not alone. So, whether you are in a toxic relationship, you want to prevent your relationship from going down that path, or you just want to take notes for the future, you don’t want to miss out on this episode!

“The reason we disconnect [from our spouse] is that we are trying to protect ourselves from something. Fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of losing power to the other person. There's all kinds of reasons why we disconnect. So the first thing that this person should do is ask themselves, get curious about themselves. What am I afraid of?”

The Intention of Today’s Episode: I have to day to fall in love with my partner all over again.

Below you’ll find three practical ways to divorce-proof your life.

Listen to the episode to learn more.


  1. Utilize the EED (Emotional Energy Diffuser) - Breathe. Think. Praise
  2. Stop having expectations of the way you want somebody else to act based on what you're doing for them.
  3. Be more playful and less serious.


“If it takes no effort to fall in love, it takes no effort to fall out of love. It’s about the intention that we set. The key is to fall in love by creating it.”


Each week, we end our episode with a mantra meditation. This is a fun, transformative way to apply the concepts we discussed in this episode. The most effective way to create more love, money, success, and happiness in your life is to tell your subconscious a different story. Start accepting the story of what you really want. Read the meditation below, and start changing your story today.


I have today to love my life. Something really good is gonna happen to me today. I can feel it. Miracles big and small. I notice them all. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you. I love the word love. I love the feeling of love. I love everything that love represents. I am so grateful for the love in my life. I am especially grateful for my love of self. I understand now more than ever before and I'll never forget it at the love for me is the most important. That there is loving myself completely is the reason I am here. I understand now that it's a miracle that I'm here. God does not make mistakes. There are no mistakes when it comes to being born and being on this journey. How lucky am I to have this opportunity to be alive, to experience life? What a joy it is, and I love all my perfect imperfection. There's nothing wrong with me. There's nothing I need to change. There's nothing that needs to be different than it is. I'm a work in progress and I'm a work of art and I love everything about me from the inside out, top to bottom, all of it. I am so blessed to have this life and I love myself. I love my creativity. I love my brilliance. I love my grace. I love my skills. I love everything about me. I love that. Everyday I get to learn something new. Each day is a chance for me to learn, grow and expand, and I love that. I love the fact that I've never done. We're never done. We're always a work in progress. I get that now and I understand it, and because of that, I'm so much more easy on myself and forgiving of myself and understanding of it. The deep, Rich, new found love. I have for myself expands every single day and because of that, I am so capable of loving others and accepting them just as they are. I can see that we're all just works in progress and I approached my life with so much more gratitude and appreciation for myself and for others. I'm so grateful to have them in my life and to love them unconditionally without any expectation of anyone being any different from who they are. It makes romantic relationships so much easier when you understand that we're each doing the best we can from where we are and that the love we're all seeking comes from within. It's an inside job and I'm so grateful that I know this now. I deeply love my family and my friends, my colleagues, my communities, everyone in my life. I offer them unconditional love because I have unconditional love for myself. I love and accept myself just as I am and that love grows and expands each and every day.

And so it is. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


“You have the power. Practice seeing yourself as an interpersonal center of influence. Think about what you could do to bring out the best in your partner. Realize you have the power and that we oftentimes tend to underutilize it, so use it.”  


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  • Find out more about Todd’s work as a therapist and his program designed to Divorce-Proof your marriage at toddcreager.com
  • Check out Todd’s books - “The Long, Hot Marriage” and “Love, Sex & Karaoke”


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