One HEAT Minute: Episode #74 - Niles Schwartz
One Heat Minute Productions · 43 minutes ·

One HEAT Minute: Episode #74 - Niles Schwartz

ONE HEAT MINUTE is the podcast examining Michael Mann's 1995 crime opus HEAT minute by minute. It's the 74th minute (1:13:00-1:14:00) - host Blake Howard joins another Mann aficionado and author of the phenomenal analysis "Off the Map: Freedom, Control, and the Future in Michael Mann’s Public Enemies," Mr Niles Schwartz. Blake and Niles discuss connections to Kubrick with the awesome György Ligeti song "Concerto For Violoncello And Orchestra" underpinning this sequence (as discovered by Richard Combs in his Film Comment article "MICHAEL MANN: BECOMING" (Vol. 32, No. 2 MARCH – APRIL 1996). We also discuss concepts of performance intertextuality, Mann's other "guys" and finally, chuckle about the unfortunate demise of Dziga Vertov's Soviet School.

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