Pandora - The World of Avatar
Soundscapes by Here With the Magic · 25 minutes ·

Pandora - The World of Avatar

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(2:30) Deep in the lush Valley of Mo’ara, night is falling on the manifold planet of Pandora. Shadows are climbing the faces of the majestic floating mountains, while a symphony of crickets and other, less identifiable nocturnal creatures call out into the darkness. The trill of a banshee, the coo of some celestial dove…they are both familiar and unfamiliar, endearing and intriguing.

As darkness settles onto every surface, the entire planet seems to take its cue to come alive, radiance emanating from its very core. Bioluminescent flora and fauna emerge from shadowy hiding places, and threads of blue and green light seep through the surface of the hard earth, like veins connecting every moment to the next, every space of time to something greater, something whole and beautiful.

(7:00) The heartbeat of Pandora pulses in sovereign rhythm into the night, from the base of the floating mountains in this Swotu Wayä, this “sacred place of song.” A connection between the physical and metaphysical, music cannot be bound by tangible restraints. Here, nature’s song is a tranquil ebb and flow that is harmonious and complete, boundless and free.

Beneath the stars and the luminous glow of this spiritual space, we are wrapped in an enclave of Magic and light. Welcome to wander as we please through this otherworldly Eden, we amble through trails of the Mo’ara Valley, where wildlife zigzags and climbs over every rock and bridge.

The echo of creatures settles into a steady cadence Here, pulling us into a trance that calls us deeper and deeper into the realm of their enigma.

(12:45) Then, out of the depths of our lullaby emerges a celestial chorus of voices, a cinematic orchestra that seems to shower from the stars. We have reached the heart of civilization, the gathering place known as Satu’li Canteen.

Once a mess hall to feed the expats from Earth who came to live on Pandora, it represents a gift of friendship and a symbol of camaraderie and respect. Both the indigenous Na’vi and the humans can find their cultures reflected Here, in everything from the art and artifacts displayed throughout to the delicious cuisine.

(15:14) Still, the night beckons, and our appetites are allayed only by our intensifying curiosity. The rush of a waterfall can only mean that we have found ourselves in the wake of the extraordinary floating mountains. Powerful and somehow reassuring, the majesty of these mountains calls to mind the vastness of the world and all of the natural wonders it holds.

Mountains, rivers, lush valleys and endless oceans…our connection to them is as limitless as we desire, their gift to us their presence. In return, we can offer the promise that we will honor and cherish them as the Na’vi people so reverently care for this place they call home.

(16:29) As we pass the Alpha Centauri Expeditions’ Flight of Passage, we hear the almost robotic inner workings of the operation that brings civilians like ourselves to this planet, to be immersed in its story from the back of a banshee. And while an aerial view of Pandora by daylight is enticing for the bravest and boldest, to be engaged in the crux and soul of this space at nighttime is serenity unlike anything we can experience elsewhere.

The delicate hush endures as pathways and bridges reach further into the jungles of Pandora. Our wonder is met by a wave of calm, a sense that the sounds that we hear are friendly, rather than fierce. Somehow, we feel seen by the night, personally covered and protected by its cloak of inky stillness. And as the ethereal bioluminescence is reflected on the faces of those around us, permitting us to see the curious wanderers not so unlike ourselves, we understand.

(18:04) The Na’vi have a phrase that serves as a greeting, but that means so much more: “Oel ngati kameie,” “I see you.” Like those we meet under the floating mountain or beside the giant Flasca Reclonada, it speaks not only to someone’s physical presence, but their spiritual presence as well.

When we see those who come to this place, those who seek the renewal of quiet moments of joy with the zeal and excitement that we do, we recognize something in them that does not need to be spoken in order to be true.

(22:45) We see their soul, their insatiable wanderlust, their desire to find Magic in the everyday. Whether Na’vi or human, tangible being or intangible darkness, Magic has the power to connect us in ways that cannot be held or measured. Like the suspension of twilight just before nightfall, like the pendulum caught mid-swing, we are met with a moment of stillness.

Here, we can truly see and delight in the spaces surrounding us, the people who share in them With us, and the Magic that binds us together.

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