SC 11 - YOU GET MORE THAN YOU GIVE with Jim Dalakas
Some Kind of Comedian · 37 minutes ·

SC 11 - YOU GET MORE THAN YOU GIVE with Jim Dalakas

Greek Australian, Jim Dalakas has lived a real life “Coming to America” dream. After first being invited by The Actors Studio to study at The Lee Strasberg Institute, Jim returned to America in the mid-90s to pursue acting and comedy and has stayed ever since. Jim’s international background affords him a unique perspective in understanding that funny knows no borders. With that perspective, Jim is able to deliver an energetic, memorable and hilariously funny repertoire to diverse audiences around the globe.


6:40 | Terry-Ann

Introducing, Jim Dalakas: Actor, Comedian, Writer, Voiceover Artist, One-Man-Show Performer, and Impersonator.


10:56 | Jim

Coming to America – and why I kept coming back.


13:40 | Terry-Ann

Who did you model yourself after? Who gave you your comic inspiration?


19:58 | Terry-Ann/Jim

The “My Face Hurts” barometer to great comedy.


22:24 | Terry-Ann/Jim

The One Man Show … How do you take the leap into that next level? Chatting about the possibilities, vulnerabilities and professional growth that comes from standing alone on that stage.


30:59 | Jim

Some of my favorite comics and my New York comic inspirations.


35:22 | Terry-Ann/Jim

OUTTAKE: from Gregory Stock, Ph.D.’s, The Book of Questions 1987 ed. TAZ asks “If you could wake up tomorrow morning having gained any one ability or quality, what would it be and why?”


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