7 Figure Sistah

If you can reach millions, you can make millions. 7 Figure Sistah is the business strategy podcast for Sistapreneur coaches and consultants who are ready to scale their brilliance to millions.

On this show, you鈥檙e going to learn how to strategically and effectively market your business holistically, and make high-ticket sales you鈥檝e seen other coaches make, but haven鈥檛 been able to create for yourself. Until now.

We鈥檙e also digging into the most important element of your success鈥搈indset. You鈥檒l learn how to push through the internal limitations that have been blocking you and finally start valuing your genius to feel confident in charging what you deserve.

Your host鈥揇r. Avis鈥搃s a Multi-7 Figure CEO who has literally done it all. She鈥檚 the Media Monetization Mentor who has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, BET, NPR, Essence Magazine, Glamour Magazine, and the list goes on.

Coming at you every week with a hot new episode, Dr. Avis will share how to strategically leverage the power of authentic and multi-faceted marketing techniques in order to grow your business, elevate your brand, and attract and close high-ticket clients鈥揳ll with the goal of helping you make serious bank.

7 Figure Sistah will show you that building a seven-figure business is obtainable by exposing you to a wide array of Sistahpreneurs who鈥檝e been there and done that. And if they can do it, trust and believe, so can you.

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7 Figure Sistah

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