The 3 Best Ways To Leverage LinkedIn In Very Little Time
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The 3 Best Ways To Leverage LinkedIn In Very Little Time

It is beyond important nowadays to work smarter, and not harder.

All too often we get sucked into the "scroll holes" of social media, and sometimes it's hard to get out.

What I have found is that when you have a system or a structure in place in regard to how you utilize social media, you will be on your way to set yourself up for success.

In regards to LinkedIn specifically, there are 3 ways to leverage the platform that takes little to no time at all:

1. Block out time each morning to do the things you need to do to move your business forward

2. Plan your content ahead of time so you aren't thinking about what it is that you want to post

3. Use a content scheduling tool like the one we have (BYOB Social) to take the content creation piece off of your plate

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