The Mistakes We Make When Starting A Business
Networking and Marketing Made Simple · 32 minutes ·

The Mistakes We Make When Starting A Business

Allan specializes in scaling businesses and helping entrepreneurs transform an idea into multimillion-dollar enterprises. 

About Allan and his podcast: 

This podcast is designed for entrepreneurs to help those wanting to grow or start their businesses. Whether you want to go out on your own, are an owner of a successful company, or looking to take it to the next level, this podcast is for you. Discussions will focus on marketing, financial statements, personnel development, Goal setting, and much more!

Allan is the perfect blend of coach and mentor to help me achieve my dreams as a small business entrepreneur. Dreams are not achieved without executing a plan that addresses the realities we face, both now and in the future. With only my perspective, I’m unaware of my blindspots—unseen opportunities and lurking dangers—until tough experience shows them to me! With Allan, however, I have an objective, credible and down-to-earth resource that helps me navigate these challenges I am facing so I can hone and execute my plans and then achieve my dreams.”-Kenny S.

“My time with Allan was well spent.  He is extremely knowledgeable in the Pest Control industry and helped me to think more clearly about my business.  I would encourage anyone looking for a mentor or a fresh perspective to reach out to Allan.  I also felt that he genuinely cared about my business and wanted to help make me more successful.” –Harvey J.

“Allan has done a great job bringing valuable guests into his podcast episodes – I’m looking forward to the guests of the upcoming season. Among other businesses, Allan has built a very successful pest control service business, so his podcast is an excellent resource for pest control company owners like me.” – Tom M.

“Allan Draper has proven to be a business expert and has given me tons of sound advice. He often says the phrase, “It depends…” because he realizes each business, their situation, goals, and desires are different, so he gives custom-tailored advice! A wise man you can trust!”-Jake I.

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