PPP 364 | Helping Students Prepare For Their Future (and Pass Their Chem Exam Next Week)

PPP 364 | Helping Students Prepare For Their Future (and Pass Their Chem Exam Next Week)

Your Kids Are Project Managers

As I’ve often joked on this podcast, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an 8-year-old child telling their parent, “Mommy, someday I want to be a project manager!” To the contrary, it’s something that they got into almost accidentally. They were good in their particular area of expertise, and they were given the opportunity to lead initiatives in that area.

But what if we learned about project management earlier? In fact, what if high school and college students developed expertise in leading and delivering projects? What difference could that make in their schooling and early careers?

That’s what we’re talking about in this episode. I’m joined by Grant Johnson, who also happens to be a team member at the company I run. Finding a way to help develop project management capabilities for high school and college-aged students is something he has been tasked with over the last year. And he’s learned a lot in the process.

In today’s discussion, Grant talks about why students in this age group should even care. He talks about examples of projects that students take on and how they can start those projects with momentum. Grant shares some tips he’s learned about project management as someone in his early 20s and how it has helped him personally. It’s a discussion I’m looking forward to sharing with you. And let me add that if you’re the parent of someone in this age group, you’re invited to have them listen along with you--or send them a link so they can benefit from this episode as well.

Learn more about Getting Stuff Done: Project Management for Students at PeopleAndProjectsPodcast.com/GettingStuffDone.

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Thank you for joining me for this episode of The People and Projects Podcast!

Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management


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