Todd is a former Civil and Tunnel Engineer who worked on what was at the time the biggest project in Europe called Crossrail, until his life came crashing down when he needed life changing foot surgery.

This caused him to be on crutches for 15 months which he calls the start of his refinement period during which he became overweight, sad and depressed. One day he went to tie his shoes and had to bend over to do it and became short of breath because his belly was too big! It was at that moment that he knew he had to change his life so he turned to exercise and reading books to cope with the depression of seeing his former life being taken away from him in real time.

It was during this time that he started to research the origins of man that led him down the rabbit hole of trying to find himself but instead he found The Mother Father God that has been hidden from humanity.

This lead him to realize that EVERYTHING that was taught to him in school and about history was a lie including all religious books which keeps man in mental slavery.

This caused him to start working on his mind and spirit while simultaneously building his body which led him to be an Online Fitness Trainer who helps spiritually inclined people to burn fat and build muscle with his bespoke training system called Compound Body Training.

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