Feedback #05: Championing Dyslexia Support

Feedback #05: Championing Dyslexia Support

Welcome back to another editorial episode of FEEDBACK!


Our members and communities would like us to have a focus on Dyslexia ahead of Dyslexia awareness month in October and we are more than happy to oblige with Tips, Talks and a helpful guide that can be used to find assessment facilities here in the UK for diagnosing individuals who may have Dyslexia


Please look forward to our upcoming interviews with staff with lived experiences - until then please check out the following links highlighted during this conversation




Transcript link here - COMING SOON


What is Dyslexia


Tamara Thomas NHS - A Colleagues Story With Dyslexia


The British Dyslexia Association Assessment Guide


Christian Boer  of


Dyslexia: The Superpower


...and tools mentioned in this podcast that can also help with Dyslexia


Dragon software has a very popular Dragon Dictation product, google has built in text to speech in the keyboard app GBOARD, MICROSOFT has added immersive reading in many of its applications as a reading feature,, and the Reachdeck browser addon are exception tools that offer a free / preimum tiered approach for added support


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