101. The Gifts of Discomfort
The Life Mentoring School Podcast · 9 minutes ·

101. The Gifts of Discomfort

Welcome to episode 101!

Your body and soul and spirit cry out to be useful. God created you to work hard and sacrifice. To be uncomfortable. Doing hard things gives you so much clarity. Listen to hear how I am uncomfortable in my own life right now, but it is a gift that MATTERS!




Everyone I know says they want to change their life. So few people I know actually do. The reason? They find change to be way harder than they anticipated and it's so easy to give up on yourself. You've probably been there too many times to count. You know something needs to change and you've really tried. But as soon as you get on track, life throws a curve ball at you. It feels like giving up on your goal is inevitable. Something HAS TO GIVE. I know, I've been there and I know the frustration. I also know the toll it took on me physically and on my emotional and mental health. I created my program just for YOU. FOR US. Join us in Life Mentoring School today!!








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