What Would You Do Differently? | 4/1/22
Pat Gray Unleashed · 95 minutes ·

What Would You Do Differently? | 4/1/22

A woman near the southern border details how terrible it has been for her family. In the meantime, Kamala Harris, the supposed border czar, brings back more pandemic talk and how great her administration is for assisting Jamaica in COVID recovery efforts. Pat humors us all with a lesson on how to call in to the show. Beto O’Rourke posted on social media a photo of himself wearing a “Don’t Mess with Trans Kids” shirt to celebrate the transgender day of visibility on Thursday. Pelosi and Biden both give us all a “clever” lesson on why gas prices are so high, and none of it has to do with their leadership. Make sure you’re pronouncing your words correctly around Pat, or he’ll call you out. CNN+ has cut its subscription price in half just three days after it launched. Out of all of the cars currently on the road, 1.9% of them are electric, and “climate change enthusiasts” want to completely get rid of gas-powered vehicles by 2030?! Jeremy’s Razors releases another great TV advertisement shooting down Harry's and Gillette.
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