A Conversation on Cryptocurrency and the Direction (and Potential) of Digital Currencies

A Conversation on Cryptocurrency and the Direction (and Potential) of Digital Currencies

In a moment, the real reason you came here for this episode: Cryptocurrency. For now, a brief aside (in the style of a choose-your-own-adventure novel, you may skip past the next paragraph if you wish to get to the meat of the podcast). 

For those who recall our conversation – this podcast – on holiday lighting from last year (and the lengths one should or should not go to decorate their home), you may remember Clint saying he was dead set against paying a company to do it for him. Even if you don't remember, we dredged up the audio files to serve Clint the words he uttered not so long ago, as he prepares to use a company to decorate his house for the holidays this year. But in the true spirit of Walkner Condon's commitment to transparency (and the fact that he was called out by a loyal listener), Clint owns up to his misguided judgement and presents the apology track within the podcast. 

And now, for the regularly scheduled programming – cryptocurrency. With Bitcoin trading more than four times higher than it was in October 2020 ($13,793.70 on Oct. 27, 2020; $60,437.10 on Oct. 26, 2021), we felt it was time to finally do an episode dedicated to crypto's whirlwind of a year. The Dogecoin saga of early 2021 already feels so long ago, doesn't it? Clint did this YouTube video earlier in the year, but a podcast allows for a much deeper dive. Nate and Clint cover what we've seen lately with crypto, its viability as an investment, and the potential of a digital, decentralized currency – and cryptocurrency's role in shaping one. 

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