"Budgeting" for High-Net-Worth Families: How to Think about Cash Flow Management

"Budgeting" for High-Net-Worth Families: How to Think about Cash Flow Management

The words ‘budget’ and ‘budgeting’ often carry negative connotations: “It’s not in the budget” or “let’s sit down and take a look at the budget.” 

For high-net-worth families and individuals, it might not be the negative connotations as much as a budget seeming unnecessary if you have comfortable salaries and a disposable income cushion. And while we’re not fans of the word ‘budget’ either, we felt it was important to put the word front and center to jumpstart the conversation about what high-net-worth families should think about when it comes to the topic. 

In this episode, Clint Walkner and Nate Condon are joined by Alicia Vande Ven, M.S., Candidate for CFP® Certification, to discuss cash flow management. Alicia draws on her background of scrupulously saving and spending during her college years, where she developed a cash flow management structure (and spreadsheet, of course) that she still uses to this day. Though her financial picture has changed, that cash flow management has adapted over the years to be a system that ensures her money is best being put to work. Yes, cash flow management might be a little accounting-sounding, but it's a critical exercise to make sure you’re not outspending your means and maximizing what you've earned. 

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